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Last weekend I FINALLY got to visit Ojai with Ryan for his birthday. I had been once before but had always wanted to bring him back. Usually if we go anywhere local, we want to be able to bring our dogs. So I booked a room at Ojai Valley Inn. It's honestly one of the very few places to stay there... there's a cute little airstream "hotel", but for this occasion we wanted to be comfortable (ie. not sleep in a twin bed and have room service;). It ended up being perfect for us. There was plenty of space for the dogs to run around, a great coffee shop, delicious food, stunning views and one of my favorites; places to picnic. We didn't venture out much, mostly because relaxing was far more important... and sometimes with dogs, adventuring is just more work then it's worth! Either way, I'll share my favorites from both trips in case you are planning a getaway of your own.


Ojai Valley Inn views | A Fabulous Fete
Ojai Valley Inn | A Fabulous Fete
A weekend getaway in Ojai. What to do, where to eat, where to shop. | A Fabulous Fete
Gorgeous walkways in Ojai | A Fabulous Fete


Where to shop

In the Field

You'll spend at least an hour here and want to leave with it all. It has everything from women's stuff to mens to kids to home.

The Farmers Market

I love farmers markets... I love browsing all of the interesting and fresh breads, vegetables and snacks. We don't have a great one super close to us so anytime I can visit one in a new area is (sadly) v exciting. Don't forget about the flowers. Farmers markets always have the best! Ojai's is on Sunday mornings if you're there.


Another store full of ALL the things. Cute planters, succulents, tableware, stationery, everything. Shockingly I've never bought anything here, must be the overwhelm.


This was one of my first run in's with real life, HUGE, beautiful moroccan rugs. They had so much interesting decor at this place it's a must see.

Rock and crystal shops

I can't remember the names of the ones we visited but these are scattered around. If you're a crystal lover, you spend quite a bit of time browsing all they have to offer. It's also fun to chat with the shop owners about what each crystal's meaning is. I'm usually the person who buys their favorite color so it makes those purchases a little more meaningful.


Room service // how to spend a weekend in Ojai | A Fabulous Fete


Where to Eat

Osteria Monte Grappa

Have lunch here, sit outside, have a glass of wine, a pizza and a salad. It's also dog friendly if you're traveling with your pets!

The Oak

We ordered in from this place, a lot. Just get it all, it's all good. I did have the veggie burger, which actually might have been my first time, and I loved it (I'm usually a black bean burger type of person). My favorite thing from here though was definitely the breakfast. I enjoyed the Bagel and smoked salmon and it was perfect. I'm just wishing I could have another one as I write this. Obviously, if you don't have a puppy that will destroy your hotel room if you leave him alone, visit the other restaurant they have on property... I'm saving that for next time thought.

Tipple and Ramble

I know it's below, but you will drool over their cheese and charcuterie boards. 


Ojai Valley In Weekend Getaway | A Fabulous Fete

Where to Drink

Tipple and Ramble

This is my top of the list, must visit place. They have a little shop full of cute decor, BUT, you have to go for a cheese board and bottle of wine. You order, then find yourself a seat in their outdoor garden to enjoy. It's perfect.

The Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room

Anywhere I can sit outside with my wine, I'm a happy girl. So this is a cute tasting room with an even cuter vine covered patio to sip on. Grab one of their flights and head to the patio to enjoy.

Personal picnic at Ojai Valley Inn

Ok, this isn't a restaurant or bar but it was probably my favorite thing we did. We picked up a bottle of champagne, some snacks and take your blanket down under that tree (below) with all of the lanterns. They have what they call the "Pink Moment" right as the sun sets. I think the clouds rolled in and ruined it for us but it was still so nice to lay under the trees and watch the sun set.

Wine tasting in Ojai | A Fabulous Fete
Tipple and Ramble // Where to go for a weekend away in Ojai | A Fabulous Fete
Sunsets at Ojai Valley Inn | A Fabulous Fete

Where to Stay

Ojai Valley Inn

I'm not sure I'll stay anywhere else after our weekend here. It's on the pricier side, but worth it if you plan on staying in a lot. We ordered room service to enjoy on the patio a few times and it was great. Sometimes room service is lacking... but that is one of the things stood out to us with this resort. There's a beautiful golf course (if you're into that), fire pits that you can sit at to enjoy the view, watch golfers or have a cocktail, you can take one of the properties bikes out to explore the town, they have a spa, several restaurants, and the service was perfect. The rooms were also huge with sitting areas and large patios which we used majority of the time.

Caravan Outpost

This place is adorable. I've never stayed there but have almost hit the "confirmation" button a few times. Check it out for yourself, but it's just how it sounds; lots of little airstreams set up for you to stay in. They're all outfitted with cute outdoor areas and furniture too. I think if we were having more of an outdoor weekend, we'd stay here... and probably sans dogs since airstreams can get a bit tight!

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Have you guys been? What are your MUST DO recommendations?