The Weekend Snack Kit || Travel

In addition to my standard packing list (toothbrush, check, pjs, check) there is one thing that is always on there. The snacks. I'm a snacker. I'd rather snack on little things and appetizers at restaurants that have full meals any day. So a hotel room without my stash makes me nervous.

When we took our mini getaway out to Palm Springs and shot this girls weekend, I packed up some kits that really did come in handy.

I started with one larger cardboard box with a lid and then tucked in 3 smaller boxes with my favorite sweets paired with a jar of healthy snacks to balance it out. I also split up large bags of popcorn into smaller single servings in cute little kraft bags.


Each box was tied up with rope and some blooms that would make the perfect welcome gift if you were hosting a weekend away for friends.

What are your must haves on a weekend getaway?

All images by Dez + Tam Photography