Valentines Day Flower Arrangement How-To

Valentines Day Floral Arrangement | A Fabulous Fete


The only way that you don't know about my obsession for flowers is if today is your first day reading this blog (or following along on instagram). I'm not sure what exactly prompted it... I think it may have been when I started reading home decor magazines in high school. I would see all of the successful women in their beautiful homes, and they ALWAYS had fresh flowers. I DO remember the first time I asked (MADE) my mom buy me roses for my room. I would arrange them perfectly in a tiny vase and set them on my vanity where I got ready every morning. I remember how good they made me feel... kind of like an adult (still living with my mom... and still in high school;) and I would dream of having my own space to fill with flowers. The day that I made enough money to start buying them every week or so, I was like yes, I've made it. Ha! But really, if they're not in my house or our office, our spaces feel a little naked and lifeless.

While I am not trained or really even knowledgeable about how to arrange flowers, I do want to share how I create them with you guys. I think it's nice to share that, ya, even someone who grabs a few bunches at the grocery store can do this too, on a Wednesday. So this month we created a light and airy arrangement that was originally meant to inspire you for Valentine's Day. But I think that it's perfect for any time of year! I'll share a few of my tips that I always stick to when building an arrangement, but really, it's all about what looks good to you!


Floral Arrangement | A Fabulous Fete
Floral Arrangement: A How-To | A Fabulous Fete

We started with a medium vase and 5 types of flowers/foliage.

  • eucalyptus for the base

  • small white flowers for filler

  • blush roses

  • hybrid ranunculus

  • white poppies for a POP

DIY Florals | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Floral Arrangement | A Fabulous Fete
Floral Tutorial | A Fabulous Fete


My 5 simple steps to getting the perfect arrangement every time

  1. Start with your base, usually a sturdy, leafy green. Add 5-6 branches to start

  2. Add in a bit of your filler creating height

  3. Add your fullest flower (we used the ranunculus first)

  4. Add in your next flower, we added our roses (many times I don't even use a second flower and stick to what I used in step 3)

  5. Tuck in more filler (our white flowers) to fill in gaps and balance out your arrangement

  6. Finally add your special flower that you really want to pop! I picked out a few white poppies that I wanted front and center

  7. At the end step back and notice any more holes, add filler or more greenery to finish it off


A Floral Tutorial | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Flower Arrangement | A Fabulous Fete
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Tip for your roses

Hold your rose at the base and gently flip some of the outer petals back. This helps create the illusion of a full open rose if they haven't quite started to open up yet! I love doing this when I'm creating a simple arrangement of a single color rose. It fills out the vase nicely.

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If you break your arrangements down into these simple steps, they will seem much easier to tackle!

So go buy yourself a bouquet and give it a try... and happy Valentine's Day!

Images by Kimi Domino