How to Assemble the Perfect In-Flight Kit

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Traveling more and more over the past few years, I've learned a lot about what an ideal travel day looks like for me. As someone who actually hates traveling (I often compare the benefits and practicality of driving instead of flying), I've also come up with a few of my own tricks for making my anxiety levels come down. I wrote a little about it here

Today though, I wanted to dive deeper into something I've focused more on this year; prepping a flight kit for myself. I am actually putting this together for my next trip. In the past, I had pieces of it here and there in my carry on, but I realized how much it affects my mood so I'm making it a legit, ready to go, kit. It will be stashed away for travel only so I'm not digging around the night before trying to make sure I have everything I need.


How to create a luxe inflight kit | A Fabulous Fete
Things to bring on a flight | A Fabulous Fete

What to include in your kit

  • Hand lotion - I don't think I have to explain this... dry airplane air + cheap bathroom soap = this is necessary. Get something that smells really great and relaxes you. This one is my current favorite (and everyone asks what I'm wearing when I use it!)

  • Face mist - Again with the dryness when you're up in the air. Face mist is a mini luxury that you can apply at your seat to keep your skin hydrated. I love this travel version of my go-to Mario Badescu.

  • Mask - I recently purchased the Summer Fridays mask. It's great for a quick pick me up, but the reason I love it is you don't have to wash it off, making it great for planes. Apply a small amount, leave on for 10 minutes and then rub in like you would a lotion or use a face wipe to remove any extra if it's too thick.

  • Face wipes - these individually wrapped wipes are perfect for travel and they don't leave you hoping the entire pack won't dry out.

  • Eye mask - I don't sleep well on planes, not sure I ever will... but I might give this mask a try on my next long haul flight because arriving to your vacation destination a zombie is never fun


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  • Healthy snacks - I am notorious for grabbing crappy snacks at the airport that cost $87. Pack your own that you know keep you on track and don't have you depleting your savings account

  • Notebook - Ideas ALWAYS come to me when I'm staring at a rerun of The Office in the air. I love brainstorming on planes, you have plenty of time and nowhere to go!

  • Headphones - I have sat down on the plane too many times and realized I didn't have headphones OR I didn't have the adapter. Invest in a travel pair that you keep in your kit. It's worth it! There is nothing worse than listening to plane noise for 5+ hours.

  • Book - get a good one that will distract you. This is my current fave.

  • Socks - If you are gonna get cozy on a long flight, spare people your bare feet creeping into their space and keep some cute socks ready to go.

  • Light blanket/scarf - This is key as almost no one provides blankets any more. Not to mention, they're pretty scratchy if you do get one. So come prepared with your own cozy oversized scarf. Wear it in the airport so you aren't carrying one more thing.

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You need these items on your next flight | A Fabulous Fete


I've noticed that having things that are familiar and that feel like a small treat make me more at ease while on a plane. Not to mention that having this ready to go aleveates that panic that you aren't prepared as you drive to the airport. It's honestly these little tricks that have helped me start to enjoy traveling.

So tell me, what are your tricks to making travel bearable?