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, but today i'm going to share how you'll probably want to spend your time after you've hiked and paddled and need a break. now, i know i might have made it sound like you need to be on the move all the time at the resort as there is so much to do

but this resort truly is designed around pure relaxation. placed on a piece of land with the most calm, clear water and guarded by the islands, it's the complete opposite of a beach vacation in say, cabo or maui.

relax at one of the many pools scattered throughout the property. but first, stop by the coconut shack for a hydrating coconut, or have them blend up a refreshing cocktail made with the fresh coconut water. of course, we went for the cocktails (which i'll be trying to replicate!).

your bartender literally cracks open a fresh coconut for your drink.

i mentioned

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how i am planning my trip back to stay in this little bungalow. but i probably shouldn't say little. it consists of a full living room, bedroom, spacious bathroom and private deck with amazing ocean views. with it's own space on a corner of the property, this would make the perfect getaway for a honeymoon or anniversary.

that deck is practically begging you to never leave the comfort of your own space. it is set up for dining, relaxing in the sun, and a casual cocktail are

not pictured? the private jacuzzi.

but a vacation would really not be complete without at least one massage or treatment right? we were treated to a relaxing massage one of our days at the resort as well as encouraged to take advantage of the amenities like the aloe and epsom salt baths. perfect after a few days in the sun.

outfitted in traditional decor and gorgeous art pieces from local artists, the spa was worthy of just the tour.

finally, i couldn't leave out the cocktails and bars you can spend plenty of time at. with a mixologist on site, every single cocktail was perfect and many of them were things we had never tried

hard to achieve these days! i'd have to say my favorite was the adorable beach bar. the bar tenders were so friendly and even taught us a few things.

and all of that happened in just 3 days! imagine if you could spend a week at this gem.


villa del palmar loreto

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