An Easy Spa Morning in New York

Breakfast in bed, New York | A Fabulous Fete


Right before Christmas I took a quick trip to New York. My third to the city in just 5 months. My first time there was in August for an event, my second was just over a month later as a pit-stop on my way to Italy, and this one... was just for fun. I can see how everyone quickly falls in love with New York. Every time i've visited there is just never enough time and SO much to do. You could eat out and shop at a new place everyday and never see it all. 

I've never been great at sharing my travels after I return. I think the excitement wears off because well... you're home. You're playing catch up from being gone, and before you know it, it's 2 months later and you're over it. Not to mention the 127,000 pictures you have to edit. With that said, I still really want to get better about it and share, even if it's just a little, a peek into our trips.

One thing that I've made a goal of mine while traveling, is to capture little things we are doing and focus on sharing those. Rather than overwhelming myself with sharing a FULL recap of all the shops, all the food, all the activities, all the hotels, all the drinks, all the outfits... you get it. Yes, I will definitely tell you where you should go and what you should eat/drink, but I think breaking it down into bite sized pieces is easier for all of us to digest.

My most recent trip to NY was extended to 3 nights rather than 2 like we had done in the past. This one extra night was so nice. We actually had time to breathe, enjoy our hotel and not worry about running to as many stops as possible in the one full day we had there. So, during our first day of shopping we found a little skincare shop and picked up a few things to spend the next morning in.


Peonies and Ranunculus | A Fabulous Fete
Treat yourself to a slow morning while traveling by grabbing a few local treats | A Fabulous Fete


One of my favorite parts of staying in a hotel is room service... someone that brings you whatever you want with just a phone call? I'm in. I love sitting in the hotels cozy bed (WHY do hotels always have the best mattresses and pillows???), sipping on a yummy coffee (or cocktail... depends on what time it is;) and catching up on all of the channels I don't have on our tv at home, ha! I'm obsessed with HGTV ever since we switched over to basic cable.

Luckily where we were staying had a delicious coffee shop, so we grabbed some lattes, croissants and put on hotel robes for our mini spa morning.


A spa morning in NY | A Fabulous Fete


The face masks we bought were so fun. You picked your base and added "toppings" depending on what you wanted for your skin. From brightening to moisturizing, they had everything.


Your skin will thank you for a quick mask while traveling | A Fabulous Fete
An easy morning our hotel in NY | A Fabulous Fete
Taking advantage of no plans and hotel robes in New York | A Fabulous Fete


It was so fun to take some time out and spend some time pampering ourselves after long days of exploring (and shopping... and cocktail-ing). Picking up quick treats from around the city made you feel, if just for a few minutes, like you lived there. I'm definitely looking forward to taking more mini moments like this on our trips to stop, relax and soak in what these places have to offer... even if it's just trying an oat milk latte because orange county isn't up to speed on that yet;)


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