3 Beauty Essentials for Spring + Summer Desert Vacays

3 beauty essentials for your next trip to the desert | A Fabulous Fete

I've grown up taking weekend trips to the desert. And one thing that stands out to me every single time I come home is how incredibly dried up I feel. From my hair to my skin to just feeling an overall sense of dehydration, I HATE it. I used to think, just put up with it, you'll be back to normal in a few days. But, as I've gotten older, I just generally don't like feeling like crap (like, how did I handle all those hangovers in my 20's? ick). I've also made an effort to search out products that make using them feel like a little treat... and that actually work! There are so many beauty products I used to buy because they were convenient or cheap, and I still do, but when you find something that makes you feel amazing it's hard to go back.

So with our new found obsession with going to Palm Springs, and just trying to take better care of my skin in general, it was about time to figure out a routine, and products, that help with all of the dryness that comes with summer weather. And with weekend getaways in the desert becoming more popular every day, I figured my new faves might give a little relief to a few of you as well!

Summer beauty must haves | A Fabulous Fete

This L'Occitane Milk Concentrate is a freaking miracle. I received a sample a while back and was back at the store to buy it the next day. I typically have to apply lotion 2-3 times a day with the stuff I used to use. This works all day and has made a huge difference over the course of a few weeks... from how soft your skin feels to the look of your skin after using it for a while. Instant and long term results? Sold. 

Tata Harper toner, perfect for hot + dry climates (hello palm springs vacays in the summer!) | A Fabulous Fete

I cannot figure my face out. Half the tie it feels like it might crack into a million pieces and fall off (tiny exaggeration), and other times it looks like I layered on an entire bottle of moisturizer. So I get scared using extra cream/makeup/lotion/etc... which is necessary with dry weather. This toner spray has worked wonders. I tried a sample (I love samples! ha;) a long time ago and have been searching for something that was nicer to my wallet. Nothing compares (so far) and I went back. It made such a huge difference on our last trip to the desert. My skin didn't look oily and felt great all day. The best part is you can apply before or after makeup, and as many times a day as needed.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate... 3 must have beauty products for your summer vacation | A Fabulous Fete

And the last one, water, duh. But I have such a hard time with this on vacation... there are just too many cocktails with my name on them. I've been making more of an effort to REALLY drink more water and it makes such a big difference. Plus when it comes in cute bottles, it's always easier;) This one was at The Ace, cute right?! Probably more of a cool thing for dudes since it fits in your pocket... but a water that fits in my purse would be nice for a change. I found them online here too if you feel like toting around a water bottle is a pain;)

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So, what are your tricks? Do you guys use any of these?