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a few weeks ago i shared a little peek of my trip to mexico with you guys, and the week is finally here there i get to go into full detail! in usual fashion, i have 900 pictures to share, so i've broken it down into 3 posts. today i'll share things i loved overall about the resort, next will be activities we got to experience and things i know you'd love if you're looking for a little adventure, and finally, there always has to be a little relaxing when you're on vacation.

villa del palmar loreto

is also offering all of my readers something special if you book a trip and mention a fabulous fete! i am working with them on something one of a kind, and i will share that as soon as the details are ready to go!

we'll start with the arrival. check in was not your standard, stand at the desk in a line for a half hour until you are finally called up to be given a room key you are bound to lose at some point on your vacation. instead, we were lead outside and greeted with refreshing drinks, a hand wash ritual that relieves stress (and smelled heavenly), a simple check in process while we enjoyed all of that, and finally keys that we wore as wristbands, the best! 

and as you'll see above, the rooms were personalized for each of us. not shown

the yummy treats they left for us daily in the dining room! i don't know about you but i'm a snacker, so any resort gets on my good side if they serve me snacks at the most appropriate times (between lunch and dinner anyone?).

each room had amazing views of the ocean or dessert

some had both. these were the most peaceful views to wake up to every morning. when ryan and i vacation, i think one of my favorite moments of the day is our coffee on the balcony. we enjoy the the views and how quiet everything is before the hustle of the day starts. so the fact that this resort is placed on its very own piece of massive land was perfect for us, or any honeymooner. you won't find anyone trying to sell you things on the beach, there aren't any people from other resorts walking through your resort trying to check it out. it is just plain, calm.

our first breakfast was hosted in the presidential suite. they served fresh fruit, fresh pastries (made on property), fresh squeezed orange and green juices, and traditional mexican dishes.

villa del palmar loreto

is a pretty significant drive from any type of big name retailer. they took this on as a way to provide fresh ingredients to their visitors by growing things like herbs on site as well as making things from scratch like our pastries, bread, butter, syrup, chips, and tortillas (just to name a few!). to be honest, i was a bit scared of straying from my normal food. i've been dealing with stomach issues for a while now and it's been a long process to find things that keep me feeling good. i think the fact that everything was so fresh and homemade at villa del palmar was why i felt great the entire time! well, except for the tequila

you can't hide from the tequila;)

[ breakfast and lunch (above) ]

moving right along. we took a little tour of the suite which was set up for large parties. all of the furniture you see in the pictures is always there so that everyone can enjoy the suite comfortably, or you can host private meals with the

villa del palmar loreto's

chefs in the comfort of your room. the suite had 4 bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining room, living room, wrap around balcony, barbecue and private jacuzzi. It was perfect for so many different occasions

a wedding, bachelorette parties, family trip, you name it!

after breakfast we took a tour of the property and got to see all of the underground parts usually hidden away from the public. one thing that really stood out for me was how this resort took care of their employees. there were signs of motivation all over and everyone knew each other. it was insanely clean and well organized. obviously one of my favorite peeks was getting to look at their crazy warehouse of supplies. wouldn't a space like this be heaven for us entertainers? clearly they are well prepared to handle a wedding or event of any size!

we visited the kitchens, and one of the pastry chefs even prepared a snack for us. demonstrating again how fresh things are here

they didn't buy those from costco.

we went on to tour things like their water processing facility, amazing. they purify all of their own water at the resort. and they make so much, that they share this at times with places in the main city that are in need. i think i drink a couple of gallons of water day:) so knowing that they had a great system in place to make sure all of the water was safe was a huge bonus. I've gotten sick from the water in other countries and it is NOT the way you want to spend your week.

at the end of our first day, we got all pretty and met for cocktail hour. these restaurants cooked amazing food. 5 star status. unfortunately i ate most of it before i could get a good picture. but here are a quick few of my faves. 

[ i'll be sharing my version of the tomato appetizer this week on the blog! ]

[ ps. i also caught some of those clams in the image above. yes, like in the ocean. more on that tomorrow ]

the resort overall was just gorgeous. i like to be outdoors, even when it is blazing, so little areas like this fire pit are my favorite.

we also were able to view their wedding set up. the alter was made up of flowing white fabric and bamboo. white chairs were also set up along the wood plank boardwalk. pretty much the ultimate simple, white beach wedding. villa del palmar has a wedding and event coordinator who you can work with to create your dream wedding there. she was the sweetest girl. not the typical wedding planner i've met in my years:)

and last but not least, a fully stocked store. i mostly wanted to show you the important stuff, but they have everything in there. all of the rooms at the villa del palmar loreto are suites, so whichever room you decide to stay in, you'll have a full kitchen to prepare meals, snacks and cocktails.

i'm sure i left something out.. but i have a few more posts to fit it in! if you guys have any questions about the resort, feel free to ask here!

i will also be sharing 2 recipes inspired by my favorite cocktail and appetizer from the trip, so don't miss those!


villa del palmar loreto

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