9 Skincare Products You Need for Summer Travel

How to keep your skin hydrated during travel | A Fabulous Fete


As I mentioned in my last post (the Summer Entertaining Guide-go read it HERE-if you haven't yet!) I've taken a few trips this summer and have a few more to go (can't wait for my travel anxiety to kick back in). So, I've been paying more attention to my skin care regimen since it tends to go off the rails due to a change in climates, seasons, or, let's face it, the days of the week. I also think having a 5 minute or 10 minute routine where you really take care of yourself is a nice way to start and end the day. Hashtag self-care right?

Honestly, it wasn't until after I entered my 30's that I even started to think about really taking care of my skin. My whole life I was able to get by with just those face wipes at the end of the day... if I remembered. And ya, even now I have my days where I'm so tired, that's all I have the energy to do. Getting into a legit routine for my skin was more out of wanting to try products than actual necessity. That was, until I started to see how much better my face looked after just a few days. I had gone so long not paying attention, that I thought it was normal to have dull skin. It's NOT.

 My skin tends to be a combination of oily and dry, but when I travel the elements really take a toll on the hydration of my skin and I notice a serious shift to dry skin. I was over coming home, and waiting for everything to adjust back to normal over the course of a week. So I started to try a few samples I'd get here and there. A moisturizer, led to a serum, which led to an exfoliant and so on. Before I knew it, I had a counter full of products that actually worked and had me feeling my best before, during, and after any travel. I tested out my favorites on our last few trips, and I came back from the extremely dry desert with normal, hydrated skin. It's crazy what can happen when you take a sec and care of yourself;)


Summer Skincare Necessities | A Fabulous Fete

Here is what I have come to rely on daily:

1.  Acure Brightening Scrub : Clean & fresh smelling with perfect sized granules that feel like they are actually doing something. I use this 2-3 times a week in the shower. It's super affordable too which is a huge perk when it comes to pricey skincare items.

2. Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray :  There's a reason why you see this every where.  It smells so good and it's 7 bucks! Whaaat? I use this every morning and throughout the day if it's hot or dry out. I LOVE it in the desert. Put it in your bag at the pool and spritz any time you need a little refresh. They also have a travel size which is perfect for in flight hydration.

3. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum  : The antioxidant Vitamin C does all the brightening you need and leaves skin soft and smooth. I alternate this with a treatment for dark spots. Honestly though, once my other bottle is gone I will just stick to this serum. It makes a huge difference and gives you the perfect glow the next day.

4. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask  : Works like a traditional peel and gets rid of congestion and ickies on your face. It's my most expensive mask so I don't share it with my friends (not kidding). I try to use it once a week. You notice a massive difference as soon as you wash it off. So much that I wish I could afford to use it every day!

5. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum : Lather this on and feel radiant and glowing. I use this almost every night after the Vitamin C Serum or dark spot treatment. I think this one serum has been the biggest game changer for my skin. If you can only go with one, I would get this. Plus it smells like you're at a spa which is so nice right before bed.

6. eos Sugar Lip Scrub  : Dry, flakey lips are a definite no-no. And this happens instantly to me in any dry climate. Keep this in your shower and use every other day to keep your lips hydrated.

7. Herbivore Orchid Face Oil  : It's like slathering the state of Hawaii all over your face.  Kidding. Sort of.  The smell of jasmine is enough reason to use it but the dewy hydration after it's rubbed in feels so good especially before bed. I also use this mixed with my moisturizer in the morning. Just a few drops adds the drool worthy scent and fights fine lines... who doesn't need that??

8. Super Goop Everyday Sunscreen  : No chemical smell, doesn't leave your skin oily and it's 50 SPF, so basically winning. Use it EVERY. DAY.

9. Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom  : Hands down the best. Not irritating, oily, sticky or drying. Can also use on cuticles, knuckles or anywhere you have a little extra dryness. I have found my forever lip balm here. Actually going to buy a new tube of the rose scent right now;)

How I take care of my skin during and after summer travel | A Fabulous Fete
9 skincare products you need to try this summer | A Fabulous Fete

There you have it! Have you used any of these products?

What is your go to skin regimen for summer and travel?