our trip to ixtapa // travel

so we're back from mexico

hope you guys enjoyed all of guest posts!

i took a few pics here and there, but definitely wasn't attached to my camera as i usually am on vacation. most of our time spent that wasn't on the beach was exploring the little town around our hotel. it was so lush a tropical in ixtapa and there was plenty of inspiration to find in the colors and patterns all over the city. i feel like that is always the one thing i am guaranteed to be inspired by in mexico. here is a quick recap of our trip!

palapas we spent our days under

view of the garden and pool

trail from our morning runs and walks

basics for beach days //






loved these stairs in our hotel

my favorite cocktail from the week, on the blog tomorrow!

pretty patterns on our walk

morning coffee stops (with wi-fi woo!)

gimme this palm.

worn tiles in the best color.

and back to real life this week, hope you all had a great weekend!