Introducing: The AFF Creative Library

How to improve your social media presence | A Fabulous Fete
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I've hinted at it here and there; that we’ve been working on a pretty big project. Well, it’s finally here and it’s live! Today we are opening the doors to our Creative Library.

The idea came when I started to think about a problem that I had heard fellow business owners chat about often; not having time to create content for social, and if they did have the time, they were unsure how to create enough to fill in their calendar.  Knowing, as business owners, that having a social media strategy is essential in today’s competitive landscape, I knew there should be something to make it easier on entrepreneurs that aren't  graphic designers, photographers or marketing geniuses.

We all want to promote our product or service in the most beautiful, cohesive and efficient way possible.  And an easy solution seemed to be ready-to-go templates and stock images (which by the way are not always the most good looking in my research of currently available assets). So, over the past several months, we’ve been working to change this. We created The Creative Library to help small business owners and creatives refine and enhance their social media presence.



Beginning October 1st, members will have access to the following every month


Improve your social media presence | A Fabulous Fete


15 Stock Images

Stock imagery that can be used across multiple platforms: instagram feed, instagram stories, pinterest, facebook posts, blog posts, and static pages on your site. Save money by not having to purchase props, pay a photographer, or rent a location. Save time by not having to style a months worth of images, not having to edit your images, and not having to come up with thought starters for 30 posts a month!


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3 Unique social media designs

Each design is created specifically for facebook, instagram and instagram stories, so you receive a total of 18 files, 3 editable photoshop files and 3 jpgs for each design. Use them to share blog posts alerts, sales, or product launches.

1 Strategy Guide

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your membership. Includes printable worksheets to help you organize your social media strategy, thought starters for creating your own content and tips for using each month’s assets. Each month you will receive an updated version with fresh ideas, worksheets and strategies to implement.

1 Worksheet Template

A customizable worksheet that you can use as a freebie for your readers or customers. These are perfect for crafting your incentive libraries and building your email lists!


To get you started this month, everyone will have access to the FREE Trial Creative Library.

I want to prove to you that your social media presence CAN be more cohesive and beautiful.

Go ahead, have a look and try it out! Click on the button below to read more on all the perks of being a member and how to gain free access.