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From friends that are newly engaged to longing for a summer get away, this months finds will have you covered if you're looking for a little help.

I can't say that we keep it consistent around here. While we have similar taste, our worlds of home, work and school life lead us all to very different discoveries (which I think is the best part about putting these together!). So while I don't have a witty intro to say, here's what we all found and here's how to use it, I CAN say that I'm going to spend some time later today making a few online purchases. I love seeing what we all find because I always find something new and interesting... and I hope you do to!


May Monthly Finds From the Team at A Fabulous Fete | A Fabulous Fete


It's right about now that I start dreaming of getaways, lying on a beach for hours with a good book + cocktail, and updating our home as the cozy blankets are put away and airy accessories take their place. Pair that with a few of my most favorite random finds, and you have yourself my 7 finds from last month.

1. I've been a long time user of boy brow and the cloud paint from Glossier. But HOW in the world had I not tried balm dotcom?? I ordered the rose and was v impressed. I have this weird thing with anything I put on my lips... I am SO aware that it is there and a lot of the time I feel like it makes my lips even more dry. I try them all. This is the first one in a long time that I actually want to put on all throughout the day. So I ordered 2 more a few days ago;)

2. I came across these Portuguese basket bags on instagram. They are handwoven organic reed, crafted by a family of weavers in Portugal who have been making baskets for generations. They are the perfect tote for tropical vacays or beach days.

3. After struggling with burnt fingers and a general lack of patience, I new I had to have one of these wax spoons as soon as I saw them. If you are applying wax seals to your invitations, this spoon is not only pratical, but it is freaking beautiful.

4. Ikea has always been my go to for the basics. All of our desks and most of our storage cabinets are from there, here in the office. But, this basket might have me taking a closer look at their decor again. Generally, I've never been a huge fan of their decor. It's either way too modern or way to colorful. But this... this is PERFECT. And I hope it means there are more fun items like this basket to come.

5. Well, I told you... I'm a fan of pretty much ALL of the articles on Inc. And this past month my favorite was '7 Bad Habits Truly Wealthy People Never Have'. All of the habits were things I KNEW I shouldn't be doing, but seeing them all together and reading how they can actually impact your success was eye opening.

6. OMG. have you guys tried this Trader Joe's seasoning?? I went through the entire bottle in less than 2 weeks. It's good on literally everything (that is savory that is). I guess if you aren't into everything bagels, it might not be that great to you. It basically has ALL the seasonings in it. You could 100% do this on your own, but it's a total pain. My only complaint is I only bought one jar.

7. Next month we are planning on taking a road trip through nv, az and ut. Yes, it will be gorgeous and fun, BUT, what I'm actually dying to do is take a breather from the RV one night and stay at Amangiri. It's on my bucket list. Just looking at the pictures makes me relaxed. I might have to save up and wait until next year. Their rates start at around $1400 in the LOW season. Let's not even get into how much high season is. I guess for now I'll keep drooling over their instagram account.

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AFF Monthly Finds | A Fabulous Fete


1. Glossier announced that they are opening a store in LA! I’m obsessed with Glossier’s skincare line (my favorite products are the milky jelly cleanser and the priming moisturizer), so I was really excited when the news broke about their new upcoming location. They haven’t announced their opening date yet, so sign up for their newsletter and stay tuned…

2. “Yesterday I Was the Moon,” by Author Noor Unnahar is next on my reading list. According to Goodreads, its a collection of poetry that “explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art.”

3. We’re all obsessed with Targets new line launch, “Opalhouse,” here at the office. The colorfully, globally-inspired home decor line is ADORABLE, ranging from small items like tea towels (like this one!) to larger home items like furniture.

4. I recently discovered Biossance’s Eye Peptide Gel and I’m obsessed. I apply it to my under-eye area first thing in the morning and right before bedtime to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

5. My husband gifted me a "No.9" scented candle from Candlefish for Valentine's day. I finally got around to lighting it and fell in love with the scent. The gold jar is also super adorable ;)

6. If you haven’t tried making Chrissy Teigen's, “Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe,” from her cookbook, "Cravings," then you’re missing out! I make it at least once a month…Its the perfect at-home date night recipe.

7. Target has been coming out with some seriously cute shoes lately! These colorful tassel slides are some of my favorites :)


Team Monthly Finds | A Fabulous Fete


So many of my friends have recently gotten engaged and while I know I’ll be buying gifts for their bridal shower, bachelorette, and wedding I wanted to send them something to start their wedding planning process. So, I’ve started putting together this quick + easy bridal inspiration pack to send to them while they’re freshly engaged. The two magazines are 1. Together Journal and 3. Flutter Magazine, they’re stylish and fun and so different from your average grocery store wedding magazine - and I’ve been told they make great coffee table decor. I wrap these two up with a 2. little journal (I got mine from Anthro) to keep their planning notes, vow ideas, journal entries, to-do lists, anything that helps them keep track and remember this extra special time in their lives. Easy things to add include a cute pen, chocolate bar, and a card to wish them congratulations!

4. Target has done it again. I’ve been avoiding going into the store but I definitely have at least 10 items from their new line, Opalhouse, in my cart. I don’t anticipate that it’ll be much longer until this blanket is out of my cart and onto my couch.

5. I got this 3-pack of Bee’s wrap from my Earthweek Causebox and they are so helpful when we have half an onion leftover from cooking dinner or when I need to cover a bowl. It’s the perfect alternative to plastic wrap because it’s reusable and easy to clean!

6. Ingrid Sanchez is the latest of the artists I’ve started following to get more exposure to different mediums of art and inspiration. Watching her process videos is just so cool and never ceases to amaze me.

7. I have a serious obsession with buying ring dishes. Maybe because I keep finding really pretty ones like this monstera leaf ring dish that comes in green AND pink! I can’t wait for mine to arrive, I think it’ll be perfect for my desk here in the AFF Maison.