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Now that all of our closest friends are through some of the huge milestones of life (16th, 18th, 21st birthdays, marriage, starting a family, etc.) I notice that we tend to focus on the little things that make our lives exciting, meaningful and worth celebrating. You booked a job with your dream client? Hell yes, champagnes on me... you got your email inbox down to double digits? Let's go to Palm Springs for an overnighter. Am I right?

Today I'm breaking it down with seven tips on how to host a fun overnighter with your girls to celebrate whatever it is you have going on. These ideas will work from a bachelorette to a simple getaway just to breathe. But really, who needs a reason?

one. Bring the flowers. All of my celebrations include fresh flowers, why would one out of town be any different? Purchase them the day before, pop them in a bucket and take 2-3 glass vases with you. Choose a full flower so you won't need much to fill in those vases. Walk around where you are staying and politely borrow some greenery to fill in the arrangements where needed.

two. Prep drinks for your girls' arrival. This is always the first thing I want after a road trip. A refreshing glass of Seven Daughters. White Blend would ease the stress of driving and make unpacking a tiny bit more fun.

three. Designate one of the rooms as "home base". Set up your base with the necessities... snacks, wine, water, etc. This makes it so much easier to plan outings or meeting up (as long as that person doesn't mind constant guests!).

four. Give your girls a glass to use throughout their stay. Bonus points if you make it pretty with custom calligraphy.

five. Favors! Everyone loves a souvenir. Ya, we'll always have instagram... but these adorable printables would make the perfect reminder on everyone's desk of the fun time they had. Especially on a rough Monday. 

six. Bring an easy craft. Everyone might not be a busy body needing something to do, but I know there are a lot of us that like to get a little crafty while relaxing! Make it simple though, 2-3 supplies and something that isn't messy. These word and pattern rocks would be super cute for the ladies to take home for their desks after.

seven. Pack up a box of late night munchies, they are everyone's best friend after a night out. Give to your girls to store in their rooms for when they most need it.

Follow these tips and you'll have your bases covered for your next celebration. What other tricks do you guys have for taking a mini celebration on the road?

I'll be sharing some more details into a few of my favorite tips later this week! Maybe a printable and DIY? Check back to see;)

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all images by dez + tam photography