Boozy Rosé Ice Cream Bar for National Ice Cream Day

Sorbet Bar | A Fabulous Fete


If you hate all of the made up national holidays people celebrate daily… don’t worry, we’re with ya. BUT. There are a few that, even if they’re fake, we’re down to celebrate. Like National Ice Cream Day. We have one ice cream fanatic in the office and 3 others: we’ll eat it if it’s in front of us. Like, it’s good, but we won’t keep it in the freezer. For me, it’s Probably because I instantly gain 3 pounds per bowl of mint and chip (jk… but I can’t control myself around mint and chip).

So when we heard the day to celebrate ice cream was on it’s way, we wanted to spice it up a bit, AFF style. And clearly the only way to do that was (drumroll), add BOOZE!

Technically, we went with sorbet as we thought the fruitiness would go much better with the booziness. And we were right. This simple mix was 100% delicious, 100% gorgeous (perfect for the gram) and 100% easy. Here’s how to set up your own boozy rosé ice cream bar for friends on National Ice Cream day - July 21st!


Sorbet Champagne Bowls | A Fabulous Fete
Sorbet Champagne Bowl | A Fabulous Fete
Sorbet Dessert Bowls | A Fabulous Fete

  1. Pick up a few bottles of your favorite rosé. We usually stick to Mumm and Chandon over here. It’s a middle of the road bottle that is dry and delicious, without a steep price tag. Honestly, you’re mixing it with sugar, so you could probably go with bottom shelf and it won’t make a huge difference.

  2. Get some cute glasses. Any wine glasses or champagne coupes are perfect. We went with glasses over bowls so you could sip or spoon. We ended up doing both, so having a glass worked out great!

  3. Set out a selection of sorbet. We chose lemon, passionfruit raspberry and strawberry. All SO good. We put them into cute bowls instead of keeping them in their respective containers, you know, for that je ne sais quois look ;)

  4. Gold flatware just elevates anything. I found these adorable spoons here which are super affordable for a quick party. And you can just buy the spoons! No entire sets of flatware required.

  5. Finally, add your toppings. We went with a simple sugar cone crushed up for guests to top their glasses with. This was actually all of our favorite parts (well, except for the rosé duh). It added a little texture and cut the sweetness of the sorbet. You can also add a topping bar with things like sprinkles, fruit, candy, etc.


Champagne Sorbet Cocktail | A Fabulous Fete
Sorbet Bar | A Fabulous Fete
Champagne Sorbet Bar | A Fabulous Fete
Champagne Ice Cream | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Boozy Dessert Bar | A Fabulous Fete


That’s it! So easy. I’d say it would be perfect for a happy hour at work or a girls craft night in. And obviously it doesn’t need to JUST be for national ice cream day because, for some of us, isn’t everyday national ice cream day? ;)