Why Your Next Brunch Should Be a "No-Cook" Brunch | Entertaining

Why Your Next Brunch Should Be a "No-Cook" Brunch | A Fabulous Fete


Anyone else out there love to entertain, but aren’t the biggest fan of cooking? Me too. I do enjoy cooking at home, but when it’s for a party of more than 4 people, i’d rather order in or have something prepared so i’m not spending the entire time in the kitchen.

Brunch season never really stops in CA, but it definitely slows down a bit when they days are shorter and the temps are cooler. So now that we are approaching summer, i’m pretty excited to start using our new dining and garden areas to host a few! And since you probably answered yes to my question above, I wanted to share an easy way to host a no-cook brunch! What is that? Exactly what it sounds like. A gathering where you literally. cook. nothing! Amazing right? I thought so…

Lenox’s Global Tapestry collection was the prefect match for putting together this simple no-cook brunch. For displaying food and serving guests, I chose their Global Tapestry Gold Accent Plates, Global Tapestry Gold Tidbit Plates, Global Tapestry Gold Dessert Bowls, and Champagne Flatware. Here is how it all came together plus 5 tips for keeping it easy, but still looking chic and thoughtful for your guests!


No. 1 - Set a small and simple menu. We went with a build your own yogurt set up as the main entrée. Add in croissants and fresh fruit to round it out (because let’s be honest, aren’t mimosas the focus of brunch?).

No. 2 - When shopping for the additions to your yogurt bar, look for prepared options. We picked up sliced almonds, seeds, pre-made granola and chopped coconut to top the greek yogurt. There are so many great options that you need to do absolutely nothing with except set out on display the morning of your get together! Keep this in mind when buying fruit or veggies as well. Most markets have them washed, chopped and ready to go saving you precious time.

No. 3 - Use your food as decor. For our brunch I didn’t go to heavy on additional decor because I did want our Lenox dinnerware to really shine! I added flowers, but other than that, it was thoughtful display of the food that created a nice display. Purchase a few extra pieces of whatever you are serving and sprinkle them throughout your table or buffet!

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Why your next brunch should be a "no-cook" brunch | A Fabulous Fete


No. 4 - Let guests do the work! While I would recommend the host/hostess taking care of filling their guests bowls with yogurt (to keep it fresh in your refrigerator), the rest of the toppings can be displayed in a fun way and lets guests make it exactly the way they’d like… and saves you a little work.

No. 5 - Don’t forget about cocktails, and keep those simple too. Ya, traditional mimosas are delicious and great, but have you ever tried a kombucha mimosa? Mix things up for your guests (and make it look like you slaved over a delicious cocktail) and try something new that is just as simple as a mimosa made with OJ. You can fill carafes with kombucha like I did, or try more exotic juices (again, there are so many fun options fresh squeezed ready to go at the store!). Always pour them into your own containers though;)


Easy Steps to Host A Bunch That Requires No Cooking  | A Fabulous Fete
How to Host A "no-cook" brunch | A Fabulous Fete

There you have it! Minimal set-up and prep, minimal clean up, and plenty of time to spend with your guests instead of over your stove.

How do you feel about a no-cook get together? Would you rather prepare a meal for friends, or do you like the idea of filling your shopping basket with pre-made items like I did?

Tell me your entertaining hacks in the comments!

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