5 Ways to UpdateYour Patio on a Budget

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio on a Budget For Summer | A Fabulous Fete
How To Update An Outdoor Space  | A Fabulous Fete
Outdoor Space Update | A Fabulous Fete


Somehow I missed the memo it was summer. Between the June gloom that has overstayed its welcome here in California and the fact that May/June just had a lot going on in general, I think it threw me off a bit. Either way, I’m finally here with a post I’ve wanted to share for sometime. Since we’ve built our garden, I’ve been spending a ton of time there. It’s shady, cozy, and our one outdoor space that is pretty much complete. But, it wasn’t quite ready for summer. It didn’t have the “Lauren” touch yet… which usually means there is just way too much decor in the space and you can’t move;) jk. It did need a few summer accessories though.

Most of the pieces I added were quick purchases I made on amazon because I don’t have any patience and I wanted everything NOW. And guess what that means? You can have it now too. Got a party this weekend? Place your order and who knows, they may have it delivered by tonight. I’m totally joking but we actually have had stuff arrive the same day which is craaaazy (crazy cool).

So these 5 accessories, they’re things that I typically stick to when I need to update any room. I just sort of tweaked them so they worked for the outdoors. Basically, I wanted to create a space that was easy to entertain in. And by entertain, I mean more of a random glass of wine with a friend, or post walk coffee. Nothing extravagant like I might do for an actual party or larger get together.


5 Accessories You Need To Update An Outdoor Space | A Fabulous Fete
The Best Way To Update Your Patio  | A Fabulous Fete


They change everything, right? Change up your pillows, change up your room. Our yard gets a lot of sun, critters and is exposed to our crazy dogs. So to be honest, pillows don’t last long in your yard, let alone our house. Instead of investing in outdoor pillows, I get a good insert (you can get synthetic/waterproof) and order inexpensive covers that I can toss in the washer or donate when i’m over the color. There are $12 “velvet” covers that I love on Amazon… because they’re 12 dollars, duh. I even have them in the house too. When you need a pop of color they’re a quick fix. Add a few of these to change up your space and bring life into it.


This is everything in an outdoor space. I already had my string lights up but also added a few cute lanterns with candles. Lanterns are a great solution because you can move them around depending on your set up or where you need light. Plus candlelight is the coziest. Don’t ever host without your candles. And speaking of needing light, that probably also means it’s getting dark out which means it’s time for the bugs to annoy the crap out of you. These incense sticks are perfect. You stick them in your planters, light them and let them do the work.

Floor seating

Our garden isn’t that big, so if there are more than 2 people, someone’s gotta sit on the floor. I’ll bring out poufs from inside, but I also wanted to add a space you could lean on or set your drink. Rather than another table that would get in the way, I ordered 2 of these woven poufs and topped them with a cute but sturdy gold tray (btw, buying this tray for every room in the house because it’s perfect). You can set your glass of wine down, a snack, etc. and not worry about it getting kicked on the floor (small space problems).

A basket full of blankets

It’s actually super annoying when you’re all set up for happy hour, everyone’s having fun, then it starts to get chilly and you have to run around your house grabbing jackets or blankets for everyone. Instead, I put together a basket of cute and inexpensive blankets to keep by our back door. If we go outside around this time, I just pop it out next to the door and they’re ready if anyone needs them! I don’t have to worry about our nicer ones getting dirty outdoors, and i’m able to pop them in the washer if they’re left out overnight.

Large serving tray

I might have a small obsession with serving trays, but they always come in handy. Especially when you need to bring a bunch of stuff outside for entertaining. You can load it up with wine and glasses, then set it on any free surface to be your bar in the garden. It’s unfussy and adaptable depending on where you are chilling with your guests.

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio on a Budget For Summer | A Fabulous Fete
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These are easy updates for any space, old or new. You can even grab some things from around the house to achieve the same look... I already had a few of the items (pillows, tray, etc.) not being used in our spare bedroom. Always check in your stash before you feel like you need to order anything new! Have you ever noticed when you move an item to a new room or spot it can feel totally different? Same here! I will say that I am pretty good about bringing in anything that won’t do well in extreme sun or during a dewy night/morning. We have a small cabinet right next to this garden that I toss all of it in while it isn’t in use so that I can get some extra life out of them.

What tips do you have for updating your space on a budget? I’d love to hear your tips or sources in the comments!

Images by Kimi Domino