Citrus + Floral Summer Tabletop // Tabletop No. 4

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Last weekend we headed out to Palm Springs. Mostly to escape all of the dust from the renovations we are doing right now, but I’ll take any reason I can come up with to spend a few days in one of my favorite places. I am always inspired by homes or hotels, how people decorate them, and visiting new places in general. It’s one of the reasons that traveling has slowly become a recent obsession of mine. Wherever we go, I am always envisioning how I could create something of my own in that space whether it is a cute tabletop or cocktail hour. Luckily everyone is (almost) used to this by now so when I lug a crate of dishes and flowers on vacation… it’s become the norm.


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Create A Floral Summer Tabletop // A Fabulous Fete
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The home we stayed in had pops of yellow all over and the cutest lemon tree in the backyard. And don’t worry, I didn’t steal all of their lemons I bought my own;) But they did play a big part in my vision for our latest tabletop in our series. The mint plates were a fun and fresh combo with the lemons and pops of yellow in the seats. I know I need to stop using this flatware, but it’s just so chic and the white grounds all of the color in my opinion. As I’m not HUGE on using a lot of color, I wanted to keep almost everything else neutral including the flowers. The purple wasn’t something i’d usually pick up but they were just too pretty not too!


Floral Summer Tabletop // A Fabulous Fete
Floral Summer Tabletop // A Fabulous Fete
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Rather than going all out with a large flower arrangement I kept it simple with bud vases that accented bamboo lanterns.

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One of my favorite parts of the table was the simple white napkin place setting. I picked up some dried palm frond pieces from the yard (cute AND free? ok). They complimented the bamboo nicely as well as contrasted the flatware to give an interesting mix.


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Feminine Floral Summer Tabletop // A Fabulous Fete


It was super simple to create which makes it a great idea for hosting on the go. You can easily use the items in a home, pick up some fresh flowers for the center, add in some citrus, and incorporate any findings that are local like I did with the palms.

Do you guys have any entertaining plans for the summer?