What to Invest in This Summer

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It sort of felt like southern ca was stuck in winter for a bit there (shocking). I love the cooler temps, but it definitely didn't make me want to kick my summer planning into gear right away. So, we're getting a slightly later start over here than usual. But, while we waited for summer to arrive, we did plan a few visits to Palm Springs... where it is basically always summer. And THAT inspired me to pick up some summer goods. I wanted to show you a few things I grabbed in anticipation of pool days, cocktail parties and setting the overall tone of the summer months in our home.


What to invest in this summer | A Fabulous Fete
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  • A NET BAG. If you haven't seen these around, well... then you must not have instagram;) They scream summer and are neutral enough to go with any beachy ensemble you put on. Pros: they're super affordable and are great for shopping, vacations, or using as decor (which I do when it's not in use). Cons: you cannot transport anything smaller than a quarter. Like, no lipgloss, loose change, or pens.

  • A STRAW HAT. I've been looking for the perfect neutral hat. I didn't want it to be SO vacation-ey that I couldn't wear it anywhere else, but I also wanted it to be lightweight and durable enough to travel with. This one is THE one. It's well built and goes with everything. (update: my dog ate mine... going to have to get another... crying)

  • A SIGNATURE SCENT. The Maison Louis Marie No. 04 is my affordable version of Le Labo. I can burn this day and night while we entertain or just hang out hiding from the heat. It isn't fresh and bright like you might expect I'd suggest for a summer scent, but it just works. Trust me and order one... especially if you are a Santal 26 fan.

  • A SERVING TRAY. How many uses can you get out of a serving tray? Like three hundred and eighty five. I found this one at West Elm and swooped it up on sale for cocktails at bbq's, styling my books on the coffee table, or serving a cheese platter for girls nights.

  • FANCY COCKTAIL GLASSES. Sans the fancy price tag. I found these vintage coupes on eBay, so unfortunately I can't give you a direct link. But do a quick search and I guarantee you will find some that suit your style.


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If these pieces don't make you want to sit by the pool with a cold glass of spiked lemonade, I don't know what will.

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