5 Simple Steps to a Fall Flower Arrangement

How to create a simple fall flower arrangement | A Fabulous Fete


If there is any time of year I go overboard on the flowers (like... more than usual), it's now. With all of the opportunities for entertaining, being home and inside more because of the earlier nights and cold weather, and the fact that they just stay alive longer because it isn't triple digits outside gives me too many reasons to go for it.

I've come up with a simple method for creating quick arrangements for around the house, photoshoots and parties. The 5 steps I will share in this post can easily be cut down or increased depending on the effort you want to put in, the size of your arrangement and flower availability. Since I typically use around 3-4 different types of flowers and greens per arrangement, I figured this would be a good starting point for any beginners...


What I used to create my fall arrangement | A Fabulous Fete

When I shop for flowers, I usually have a color palette in mind, but not really specific types I want to use. I see what is available, select my main focus for the arrangement (usually in the main color) and then build off of that choosing what coordinates. Here is what I used...

  • Shimmer Roses
  • Fall Foliage
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Black Scabiosa
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No. 1

I always start with my sturdy, leafy branches. Typically some sort of greens. But since this was fall inspired I found one with a bit of red mixed it. I add 3-4 stems to start the shape. I usually like an asymmetrical style so I cut some a bit higher for one side of the arrangement. (above)

No. 2

Next I will tuck in a few stems of my "filler" stems. I usually find something that will fill up space, has a bit of color but doesn't distract too much from your main flower. I used the berries for that this time and followed the asymmetrical shape I created with the leaves. (below)

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Roses Aren't Ready?

If you follow a few florists on insta, then you've probably seen them flipping their rose petals (my term, I have no idea what it's actually called). I wasn't so sure of it at first but it's grown on me. AND, it has solved one of my biggest problems... my roses not opening up in time. A lot of times I'm buying flowers the same day I need to shoot them, so they aren't open to a point I'd like them to be. If you place your thumb at the base of the outside petals (one at a time) and flip them out, they create this open look and fill up much more space!

My 5 step arrangement | A Fabulous Fete
What I always use to build my flower arrangements | A Fabulous Fete


No. 3

Next I pop in my main flower, here I used the peach roses. Work in odd numbers and don't try to fill up too much space with them. Give them room to breathe so they aren't all smashed together in the center. (above left)

No. 4

Finally I added the scabiosa, a dark accent flower. I felt like I needed to tone down the color palette. I loved the peach roses, but they didn't feel very "fall", so I chose the dark pop to make the end result not look too much like a spring creation. I tucked these in between the lightest color (roses) to balance them out. (above right)

No. 5

And for the last step, I used some extra greenery and berries to fill in the gaps and balance anything that felt heavy on one side. (see change in above right to below)

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Now set your table and enjoy!

Another tip for choosing your flowers is setting out your tabletop accessories before shopping. I will go ahead and select the pieces I know I want to use to see where the color palette is heading. That way when I'm at the flower shop, I know if I want to add a pop of color, or if I need to match an accessory.

Let me know if these tips helped you guys out, or what sort of arrangement you want to see next!