How to Make a Flower Garland for Fall | DIY

Flower garland made with mums for Fall | A Fabulous Fete

This week marks the official start of fall. And while it may not totally feel like sweater season yet (at least not here in CA with summer temps), the shelves are still stocked with candy corn and pumpkins. Mums are everywhere, so instead of the traditional arrangement for your holiday get togethers, I wanted to share a new way to decorate with them. I love this idea for your bar area, or any space you can frame with your fresh garlands... over your entry way, as a photo backdrop, or maybe over a holiday buffet.

Piles of mums for a Fall DIY | A Fabulous Fete

For this amount of garland you can use 3 bouquets or 3 medium sized plants still in the soil, a long/thick needle and thread.

  • detach all of the flowers from the stems
  • cut your thread to the length you'd like your garland, plus 12" on each side for hanging
  • turn the cut flowers over and begin the thread them on with your needle through the back side
  • once you have them all on your thread, bring them to the center grouping them together tightly, once you hang, you will be able to twist them on the string so that they all face forward
Simple steps to make a flower garland | A Fabulous Fete
Skip the flower arrangements and try this flower garland for your next Fall get together | A Fabulous Fete

Hang and turn flowers so that you have a full garland. Some of the flowers will face down or backwards towards your wall to stabilize the front facing flowers.

Floral garland bar backdrop | A Fabulous Fete

Now pour yourself your favorite cocktail and enjoy the compliments that come in from switching up the traditional fall floral decor;)