4 Steps To The Perfect Spring Arrangement | Flower Tutorial

Spring flower arrangement tutorial | A Fabulous Fete

One thing I splurge on weekly, and especially for entertaining, is fresh flowers. I'd honestly spend the $20 on them over dinner one night, that is how much I love having them around the house. Luckily I've never had to choose;) I've been getting a lot of questions about how I put together my arrangements, so to kick of the arrival of spring, I wanted to share how I made this colorful creation currently dressing up our living room.

4 Steps to easy seasonal flower arrangements | A Fabulous Fete

First, let's talk about the "secret spot" people think I get these blooms from... Trader Joes. Sometimes I cheat on TJ's and go to Pavillions (they always have amazing roses), but usually this is where I get almost everything. Great prices, great quality (go on Tuesday's, I think that's when they get their shipments, I always have good luck then) and great variety. Right now they have ranunculus which is one of my favorites... one of my favorites that I can get at the grocery store;) For the greenery and vines, I forage through the neighborhood and our yard. I've even scouted a few places while driving around our house. You might look a little crazy, but your arrangements will thank you.

Here is what I used, from left to right. Wax flower, vines from our yard, white ranunculus, orange ranunculus and tulips in a variety of colors.

You'll also need a glass vase, sharp scissors or shears and green floral tape.

Supplies to have on hand for spring floral arrangements | A Fabulous Fete

I co-hosted a private floral and styling workshop with Naomi from Beautiful Savage Flowers. During her session, she shared a few of these easy tricks that made arranging SO much easier for me. All of the credit goes to her for shaving precious time off of my flower wrangling struggles. Naomi suggested starting with 4, your leafy greenery, a larger statement flower, a smaller complimentary flower and a filler. I strayed a bit from this idea, but can still use the basic ideas she shared.

Step 1. First, start by making a grid on the top of the vase, always having a a square in the center.

The first steps in creating a spring arrangement | A Fabulous Fete

Step 2. Start with your greens and your bigger leafy pieces creating a base for your arrangment. Keep these in the center square.

Steps to arranging blooms for your spring bash | A Fabulous Fete

Step 2. This is where you would add your larger statement flower (maybe hydrangea if you're working with that), since we didn't have that, I placed my favorite, best looking blooms that I wanted to take center stage. The rest would be used to fill in those gaps.

Steps to a simple flower arrangement | A Fabulous Fete

Step 3. Start to fill in those gaps. Typically, if you only have your secondary flower (roses for example), you would work in three's creating a triangle. Mine got a bit out of control! But I think if you're making a colorful and wild arrangement, just go with it until it's full;)

Spring flower arrangement inspiration | A Fabulous Fete

Step 4. Add the filler! You'll notice tiny gaps, or maybe you want to make it less symmetrical, here is your chance. Use your filler flower (waxflower here) to create movement and the shape you are going for. And finally, if you have some leftover greenery and see the need, tuck it in those spaces to finalize your arrangement.

Tulips and Ranunculus | A Fabulous Fete
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Spring flower arrangement made from grocery store blooms | A Fabulous Fete

I hope those tips help get you started! If you try them out, be sure to tag Naomi and I and share your creations on instagram!