flower bar favors // weddings + parties

i wouldn't say it works for every occasion. but a little diy added to your event can be a fun activity for your guests. i mean, just look at candy bars, people love that. they get to make their own little mix and take it home to enjoy. so i was thinking, what do i like to take home from weddings and events? flowers! everyone is always trying to sneak off with the centerpieces at weddings. so why not give them a chance to make their own mini bouquet as a favor?

this would be the perfect size for a little girls night or party at home. i bought 2 bouquets of flowers and some greenery, placed in a few vases and set out on one of my favorite tables.

to bundle the flowers, cut some newspaper squares and leave out a spool of twine.

it's always great to give your guests an example so you aren't having to explain anything. so prep a mini bouquet and leave out for guests to follow. start with your greenery in the back and layer your flowers in the front.

pull in the corners of the paper and tie, that's it!

would your friends and family enjoy this for an event?

do you guys ever set up diy's or simple activities at your get togethers? i'd love to hear your ideas!