DIY: Pressed Flower Place Cards

DIY Pressed Flower Place Cards - A Fabulous Fete

I love coming up with new ideas to really make a table top special. Whether I am hosting a few friends, or helping out a bride with her big day, it’s so fun to play around with options for place cards, menus, or florals.

I knew when I came across these dried, pressed flowers from Lacie at Framed Florals, that they would be incredible somehow used in a place card. The other acrylic place card I did was such a hit, and I just so happened to have some of these acrylic frames on hand, so these little beauties pretty quickly and easily came to life!

Pressed Flower DIY - A Fabulous Fete


Acrylic Frames
Paint Pen
Pressed Flowers

DIY Place Card - A Fabulous Fete
Place Card with Pressed Flowers - A Fabulous Fete

Deciding how to place the flowers was more challenging than I expected, but I found spreading out all of my options and playing around with each place card was the best approach.
I tried to balance each frame with different size, color, and flower variations, so they each had a unique, special feel.

Do It Yourself Place Cards - A Fabulous Fete
Pressed Flower and Acrylic Frame Place Card - A Fabulous Fete.

Place Card with Pressed Flowers - A Fabulous Fete
DIY Place Card - A Fabulous Fete

The Acrylic Boxed Place Cards have been everyone’s favorite so far, and I feel like this is a fun, different place card option.

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Images by Kimi Domino.