3 steps to a simple summer bouquet // florals

most weeks it's rare i can make it further than our local grocery store, and that is typically where i am grabbing the blooms i display in our home. flowers don't have to be intimidating, especially something for a simple summer get together that should be bright and casual. so i thought i would show how i go about putting together my arrangements in 3 steps!

i always pick up 3 different types of flowers. one that is the focal point (the sunflower), one filler that takes up a bit of space in your container but that you won't mind tucking in the back to fill in any gaps (the tulips), and something longer to create some shape.

the simplest way i've found to quickly pull this together is to start with your main flower at the center and alternate that with your filler until you have a nice shape. then take your longer stem and tuck in randomly, creating a slightly asymmetrical feel. trust me, asymmetrical is much much easier (for obvious reasons) and feels much more casual and whimsical than a perfect sphere.

what tricks do you have for pulling together a quick arrangement?