picking florals for the moms in your life

i get it. between work, family, social calendars, home and maybe trying to fit some downtime in between, holidays and special dates can sneak up on you. and one of those dates will be here before you know it, mothers day. flowers might seem like an easy impersonal gift to send.

 so, i partnered with ProFlowers to share a few bouquets with you and how you can personalize them to the ladies in your life. a few minutes and few clicks can produce a gift the moms in your life will really appreciate.

my mom is obsessed with the beach, hawaii, anything tropical… and thepurple dendrobium orchids reminded me of the little flowers you get in your drinks and the lei's you see floating around in hawaii. i thought it would give her a touch of that tropical vibe in her home for the week.

so she isn't exactly a mom figure to me, but my good friend deserved the lavish roses for sure. why? she lives in a house full of boys. that's enough right?! i thought she could use something beautiful to look at every day between laundry and dishes and all the things i can't imagine boys do to a house;)

my mother in law is a lover of animals and could probably tell you the name of any bird that lands on your back fence. i sent her the blushing birdhouse… because this gorgeous plant comes in an actual birdhouse holder! i new she'd love displaying that in her yard as well as receiving an actual plant to keep around for a while.

grandmas are just classic. no bells and whistles for them. and you sure don't want to send them anything trendy. the lavender rose bouquet was the perfect choice for a bright and uplifting arrangement to send her way. we don't live close, but i'm positive these went straight in the kitchen… you know, where grandmas spend their time;)

i'm so glad i was given the chance to surprise all of these ladies with an early gift for mothers day. and strangely enough, they all arrived at times that they really needed to know someone was thinking about them.

the flowers arrive fresh and with vases that you can choose from to match with the bouquet, or even better, their decor.

take this as your reminder to give all of the moms in your life a little bit of love this year!

which flowers would you pick for your moms?

[ this post is in partnership with ProFlowers. thank you for supporting the brands that help me continue to create unique and inspiring content for a fabulous fete! ]