A Month in Review | September

Looking back at September, it was a blur of place cards and signs for wedding receptions. Since really diving into the wedding invitation world last year, it's been a huge learning curve in terms of busy seasons and client timelines. Working with brides from save the dates all the way through their day of items has shown me a whole new side of "wedding season"! And it felt like everyones wedding landed on the same day... but i'm sure that's how everyone in this industry feels;) So now that our brides have been taken care of, it's time to focus on new designs for 2017 clients which is really exciting! But today, let's recap what happened in September.

One huge life/work changing thing we did for AFF and Wilde House was hire 2 new assistants! I couldn't have made it through packing all of those orders above, answering client emails, and spell checking 1742 place cards without them. So, since they started, we tried to get the office organized (it's currently in it's 'a hurricane just hit' state) for them, I purchased an embarrassing amount of flowers (which promptly died in the heat that was the beginning of our SoCal "fall") and got out of the office a handful of times which is way out of the norm for me... and also on my list of goals. I feel like exploring new areas around me helps me break out of ruts and get inspired, so I'm making it a priority and going as far as scheduling them in my calendar. I hope that forcing myself to get out of the office will turn into a habit eventually!