A Month in Review | April

Oh hey May! There's some fun stuff happening this month. Most importantly, it's our anniversary. 4 years, what? We were just talking this weekend with my parents about how on one hand it seems like we've been together forever (but in a good way), but our wedding seems like it was just yesterday. We've actually been together for 9 years, I feel like 9 years ago I was 12 (kind of like how I feel like the 90's were just a few years ago). Who else has a hard time processing long amounts of time? ;)

Anyways, after April which had me swimming (drowning) in wedding deadlines, I'm happy to say I feel a bit of relief that it's May and we made it through the chaos. I have some trips to the desert planned which is always something to look forward to. A little bit of work/planning/friend trips and obviously one for our our anni. The calendar is not as jam packed, which means back on track with our healthy living/eating/workout routines. It is nuts how much that part of our lives suffers when we get busy! There was way too much pizza and missed alarm clocks last month. And we are also scheming for some new wedding items in the shop, it's definitely time for an update!

So, here's a look at the whirlwind that was April.

In the office, we're definitely still focusing on getting everything organized and set up. We'll finally be shooting some of those wedding suites I mentioned last month. And to keep us all on track (AFF AND you guys), I'll be sharing that goal sheet I mentioned! Clearly I need it;)

What are your mini goals for May?!

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