A Month in Review | January

I really do love when the new month starts on a Monday. I'm really into the whole, beginning of the year, beginning of the month, beginning of the week, fresh start thing. I can't do it on a Tuesday, it just throws me off. So, see ya January! Here's what happened according to instagram.

This month I'm looking forward to sharing a ton of new products for my shop, and pictures of a few wedding suites we will be wrapping up! I love designing and envelope addressing, but really, the best part is seeing it all come together (and of course, capturing that in a pic;).

What do you guys have going on in Feb?! Are you excited for Valentines/Galentines day? Or do you haTe seeing all of the red a pink? We'll have a few projects and posts coming up, but nothing too lovey dovey, I promise!