A Month in Review | June

We are officially into summer. And we probably all have the calendars to prove it. Anyone else miss the days when you got a summer vacay to relax and regroup for the "new year"? Ok, that was a dumb question, of course you do. We've been making more of an effort to explore locally and pretend we're on vacation for just a few hours at the least. But with wedding season still in full swing, it's a bit of a struggle.

There are 2 big things coming up in August, BlogRX (yay!) and Ryan + I have an almost 2 weeks vacation planned. My goal is to take most of August off. Totally crazy, but I feel like if I hustle through July I can do it! June was jam packed and July isn't slowing down. Here is a recap, be sure to stay up to date on insta as there will definitely be a lot going on this month!

One thing I wanted to recap for you guys this month was a fun little survey I took over on instagram about a week ago. As you may have read, I started writing a series that will focus on business related things. You can read the first one here. I asked everyone what they wanted to know or hear more about, here were the results:

  • how to create social media and content calendars
  • resources i used to start my business
  • tools i use to manage my blog
  • what i recommend outsourcing
  • how i decide on my pricing
  • my favorite vendors for supplies
  • instagram strategy (ie. do i schedule them, how do you mix lifestyle and work, what makes a good photo, etc.)
  • how creating products works from concept to final designs
  • behind the scenes of creating a flatlay

If you guys have more suggestions, I'd love to hear those! I will definitely be keeping a running list. And it doesn't look like we'll run out of topics anytime soon.