Get Your Home Ready For Fall With This No Sew Floor Pillow DIY

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DIY No Sew and No Measure Floor Pillow | A Fabulous Fete

With Fall here, the days are getting shorter, cooler, and that means so is the urge to cozy up indoors. Whether it's with a book or a glass of your favorite wine, little nooks around the house are a must have to enjoy these things. My go-to is always something plush to sit on in front of the fire. Our couch is too far so having some floor pillows to pull up to and around the fireplace is an easy item to add to your decor and welcome the change of the season! So today, in partnership with Cotton, I'm sharing a super simple DIY to make your very own in under an hour.

How to create a no sew floor pillow | A Fabulous Fete


  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric 6 to 12 inches larger than your pillow on all sides
  • Pillow insert
  • Scissors


1. Measure your fabric. Lay the pillow on top and measure 6-12 inches larger on each side (this will determine how long the fringe around your pillow is). Cut 2 pieces.

Step by step tutorial for new so floor pillows | A Fabulous Fete

2. With your pieces of fabric stacked on top of each other, and your pillow centered, start cutting in towards the edge of the pillow. Strips can be anywhere from 1/2" to 1".

DIY fringe floor pillow | A Fabulous Fete

3. At the corners, cut one piece directly at the corner and trim the rest away as the image above shows.

How to make a floor pillow | A Fabulous Fete

4. Repeat this on all sides.

Fringe pillow how-to | A Fabulous Fete

5. Put the pillow in between your two layers of fabric.

Easy no-sew pillow instructions | A Fabulous Fete

6. Start tying the top and bottom strips of fabric together to encase the pillow.

Simple cotton fringe pillow DIY | A Fabulous Fete
How to make these pillows in under an hour on the blog! | A Fabulous Fete

7. Once you have tied all the strips together, trim them to your desired length and fluff.

Cotton floor pillow DIY | A Fabulous Fete
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How to make floor pillows for your home | A Fabulous Fete
Fringe floor pillow detail | A Fabulous Fete
Cozy spot for a little wine and reading | A Fabulous Fete

Add to your favorite spot, enjoy and relax! I paired mine with a favorite rug we have, a few other pillows and a tiny table to keep a candle and cocktail.

I can't wait until it cools down even more so I can utilize this cozy pillow right by the fire! What are you guys doing to get your home prepped for Fall?

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