A Month In Review | March

Hello April! I was just reading through my Feb Recap and I'm realizing how much actually happened in March! Usually I complain about how quickly the past month went by, and they always do, but this one seemed like just the right amount of time. We are currently swimming in envelope orders for summer weddings, so it's hard for me to see past those right now, but I feel like with the addition of our assistant (again, will introduce her, promise!), Cassie, we are really putting processes into place and getting things super organized and consistent (like, hi, I am actually scheduling posts again instead of waking up in a panic to finish them and hit publish). It feels great and I know it's only going to get better... with that said, let's take a look at what happened last month!

The arrival of Spring brought so much botanical goodness to the household and office. It also brought on the need to getaway. We fit in a few fun trips that really just left me wanting to plan more. We have so much around us, places we can get to in less time than it takes for me to watch an episode of breaking bad (which by the way i'm currently obsessed with... I was late to the game, I know). I want to make more of an effort to go to those places and explore, even if it's just for a day. Like I said envelope orders are stacking up, so there were loads of those, stamp orders and invitation designing to work on. I even tried to start writing thank you notes (which I never do), I haven't gotten them out yet but I started them... baby steps! I've had a lot to be thankful for this month between support from friends on work and birthday celebrations, so needless to say these need to get done ASAP.

Okay, goals... this damn office. Like I mentioned last month, I started rearranging and making some updates. And then stopped (happens every. single. time.). It's not even that there is a lot of work left, mostly organizing and styling, the best part! But work comes first and after that I'm just tired;) April is the month though people, and we are going to make it happen... and probably even do a little shoot because that always motivates me to finish projects!

I also talked about old invitation suites and sharing them here. But more importantly, I've been working to build a little corner on the site that makes the invitation ordering/explanation process hopefully like 100% simpler than it is now. I'd love to get that done and direct customers there to make all of our lives easier. We get a lot of the same questions and go through the same process via email, so I figured if there was a place that explains every single option and step of the invitation process, plus a form for clients to fill out providing all that info you go back and forth on... game changer.

How many of you guys come up with goals like this for your month, and then forget about them? Me too... I think we need a goal sheet printable next month so they stay in sight. Add it to the list;) Hope your April is off to a great start!