A Month in Review | August

Checking back in to let you know, YES, I am still here! August was crazy as predicted. Trying to take a vacation in the middle of a bunch of weddings will do that to your schedule. I'm finally downloading all of my pictures from our trip to Barbados, putting together (FINALLY) a guide to Palm Springs where we also took a trip last month, and getting ready to start publishing all that fall content I know you are so ready for. Can you believe summer is (unofficially, but really close to actually being) over? I can't say that we physically feel it here in CA. Sometimes it's like we go straight from summer to winter. But, I try and pretend with sweaters (maybe while the ac is still on), pumpkin flavored recipes and cinnamon scented candles. I've always loved the cooler months so I am welcoming it as usual. So, here's a recap of the last full month of summer and how we spent it over at AFF!

We vacationed in Barbados (recap and recs coming soon!), hosted BlogRX in Palm Springs, visited my new fave florist (Devynn's Garden) several times... maybe a few just for pics, sent out one of my favorite Wilde House boxes yet, announced that I'll be teaching at the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0, met a monkey, made margarita popsicles, bought these shoes and hosted a painting party (coming to the blog this week!). What did you guys do this month?

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