A Month in Review | February

March is here and it's my favorite month of the year. It's my birthday month (it's actually tomorrow, yaaa), spring is here, the weather is perfect for being outside (brunch and happy hours!) and the days are finally long again (i hate daylight savings)! I finally hired a new assistant (I promise, I'll introduce her soon) and we are knocking out projects, getting those products in the shop and finally meeting some overdue goals. So while I may have been on instagram a bit less, there was a lot of productivity going.. high five;) Here's what happened in Feb...

Last month's goals were to get more product in the shop (check!) and start shooting custom suites that had been piling up (half check). I like to give clients a bit of time to get their invites out before I post all of the details all over the internet. You never know if their family and friends follow along... I don't want to ruin the surprise! So we have a few new ones coming up that we can finally share. And it's perfect timing, after a few months of save the date inquiries, a lot of our clients are moving onto invitation design, so it's great to build up the library here for everyone to browse through.

I half started to update the office, so I want to finally get that all organized, get our inspiration and project boards up (and share with you how we organize that) and bring in a few more accessories as it's a bit WHITE at the moment... then we'll be done and ready to share it all.

What are your goals for March?