How To Choose Your Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Invitation Design - A Fabulous Fete

Deciding on wedding invites can be stressful. But I mean, let’s be honest, most parts of planning a wedding are at least a tiny bit stressful... but sometimes an even heavier weight can be put on making a decision on your invitation suite because they are kind of the first sneak peek of what people can expect on your big day. The invites begin to create a bit of a vision for the overall design and aesthetic for your wedding, the formality of your wedding invitations give insight into what people should consider wearing, and aside from all of that, people will refer back to them in the weeks leading up to the wedding over and over again for all the necessary details. So we wanted to break down what exactly you should be thinking about. What details to focus on and how to narrow them down to one suite out of the thousands available to you.

Invitation Suite - Weddings - A Fabulous Fete
Wedding Invitation Design - A Fabulous Fete

what to have in mind before starting:

  • How formal do you want your invitations? As mentioned before, the wedding invites can very quickly set a tone and vibe for the entire day! At AFF, we love to let our couples take the lead. We love a fun invite, but know that every couples situation is different. Often times your parents, extended family, or religion will play a big part in this decision. So make sure to speak to anyone that may want a say in the formality and copy of your wedding invitations before getting started. Of course, any design can be adapted. So feel free to mix it up to achieve your aesthetic while still meeting your families requests.

  • Do you prefer guests to send back their RSVP, or would you rather direct them to your wedding website to RSVP? There is an added cost associated with having guests send back their RSVP [additional stamps, return envelopes, etc.], but it adds a touch of formality and makes it easier for the bride and groom to track RSVP’s. Some couples add this information to a separate “info” card if they aren’t doing formal rsvp’s, or even add to the bottom of their invite. Again, it comes down to preference, budget, and formality of your event.

  • How many big day details do you want to include on the invite itself? Too much info can be distracting from the most important details, but will your guests likely spend time scouring your website to get all the info they need? We always recommend including this information (for additional events or details) on another card. You can get super detailed and include itineraries, packing lists, website info, hotel details, contact information… you name it! We’ve done everything from a small card to a folded brochure with illustrations tying back to the activities. If you have the budget, this detail is such a fun touch your guests will 100% keep and refer back to.

  • Postage cost. The more items you include in your wedding suite, the more postage it will require. Consider this when you are budgeting for invites. Remember to factor in materials as well. Letterpress stock (typically weighing in at somewhere around 220#) is much heavier than a plain cardstock (around 100-110#).

how to build your moodboard:

We always start every project with a moodboard and your wedding suite is no exception. It doesn’t have to be stationery specific, but if you’re extra motivated we love to see moodboards for individual concepts and vendors. For example, build a stationery board, a floral board, a cocktail hour board, a dress board, etc. Since you will be working with several vendors it will be nice to get super specific with them about what you want. With that being said, sometimes we like to see the other ones too;) It can help us get an overall vision of your big day.

So, how do you build these? Pinterest and Instagram of course! But don’t just Pin and save everything. We usually build our boards by sorting through our favorites but ONLY saving things that 100% jump out at us and give that butterflies in your stomach feeling. Have those? Now, narrow it down even further into your color palette and vibe (whether that be playful, minimal, or classic). You should have around 15 images that you LOVE and that clearly tell your designers what you are looking for. The more cohesive your board is the better. For example, if you have conflicting ideas (a classic letterpress suite next to a minimal acrylic invitation) it’s going to be hard for you and your vendors to get a clear vision. 

Invitation Design for Weddings - A Fabulous Fete

what to avoid:

Please avoid big big Pinterest trends like the plague. I can’t tell you how many pinterest boards I’ve seen with the same. old. thing. It’s dated (but still trendy) and looks like what everyone else is doing. (P.S. Colors are trendy too!). Stick with what you really love and not just what pops up first in pinterest. You’ll thank yourself in a few years when that trend is long gone.

Don’t expect someone to recreate something for you word for word, line for line, illustration for illustration. It’s called copying and it’s not cool. If you love something that much, and also love a designer enough to ask them to do it for you, ask them what they can create based off this inspiration. Better yet, tell them what you love about it and let them create something for you that’s even better and original.

how to narrow down options:

So you found your designer, you have their samples, you love them all, now what? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this suite set the tone that I am trying to convey?

  2. Does it fit in my budget?

  3. Does it give me butterflies?

  4. Are the colors right?

  5. Does it satisfy my families requirements?

Yes? Then you found your suite! Oh, you got all “yes” answers for multiple suites? Lucky you, you have options! Now it’s time to bring in (just a few) reinforcements. Your Maid of Honor, your best friend, your partner (haha jk, they haven’t been involved?), or anyone who’s opinion you actually trust. Too many people equals too many opinions which leads to nothing good. So, trust a few with this decision.



This is why we offer custom suites for our clients. If you have too much going on and pretty much know what you want but can’t quite put your finger on it, we’re here to help. With our custom suites we chat with you, go over your inspo, create our own inspiration boards, sketch for you and give you something 100% original.

Is there anything else you want to know about selecting your wedding invitation design?

Let me know in the comments!

Images by Kimi Domino.