How to Properly Address Your Wedding Invites 003 | Families with Children

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This is probably one of the most confusing scenarios for addressing, for me at least. I feel like there are so many factors, and everyone definitely has their opinion and own way of addressing to fit their event. My rule, usually, is do whatever your client wants no matter who say's it's wrong or right. But, if you're like all the couples out there I'm writing to, looking for a little insight as to what they heck they're supposed to do with all of those names and addresses, here's what the pro's say.

  • If the children in the family you are inviting are over 18, they each receive their own invitation
  • If under 18, they are listed on the inner envelope only, not the outer envelope
  • If a female is under 18, they are addressed as Miss, if over they are addressed as Ms.
  • Males under 18 require no title, over 18 they are addressed as Mr.

Here is what I see most of my clients do which I 100% approve of (as maybe 2% of clients have ever even had outer envelopes).

  • Address to "The X Family", down side to this is it is basically an open invitation.
  • Address to "Mr. & Mrs. X" with the children's names listed underneath (as you might on an inner envelope)

The question is, how clear do you want to be with your guest list?

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I know this one isn't as clear cut as the others, but I hope it helps you get closer to the decision you need to make to address your own!

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