How to Properly Address Your Wedding Invites 002 | Unmarried Couples

How to address your wedding invitations to unmarried couples | A Fabulous Fete

Even after years of addressing my own and customers envelopes, there are still occasions when I have to refer to google and ask, what is the proper way to address this? Last time we touched on what information to include in your return address, and this time I'm going to share some fun examples of work and how to address your unmarried friends who are living together.

The proper way to address envelopes for your wedding to an unmarried couple | A Fabulous Fete
Wedding Envelope Etiquette | A Fabulous Fete

The couples in your life who are unmarried and living together should be addressed separately by their full names. The person with whom you are closest too will be listed first... or, if you don't want to play favorites, you can list them alphabetically. Easy!

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Learn how to properly address your wedding invitations | A Fabulous Fete