How to Properly Address Your Wedding Invites 001 | The Return

With part of my job being finalizing all of the tiniest paper details for brides, I get a lot of questions about the proper or traditional way to do things. Most specifically, addressing the envelopes. I shared the guide that Wedding Paper Divas provided here, but thought it would be great to have a source here with samples to browse through. So, here we go with part one! I wanted to start with the easiest, the return addressing!

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Things have changed, big time, with modern day couples. With many of us living together, planning for and funding our own weddings, the lines have become blurred on who accepts the RSVP's. 

Traditionally, the RSVP is addressed to the person hosting the wedding. Which in many cases means the brides parents. So while there are many cases nowadays, you can generally assume this is where you want your RSVP's going, whether the "hosts" are your parents, you and your fiancé, or another family member.

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Names are typically (or traditionally) not included on a return address. But again, there really aren't many rules anymore. Couples now include (in my experience) their parents first names, first and last, or just last. But if you're keeping it formal, no names here.

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Couples names are traditionally not supposed to appear together in print before they are married. But (eye roll), that may seem outdated, especially if you and your partner are handling everything together. If you want to keep it in tradition though, and you (the couple) are accepting RSVP's, only the brides name should appear in the return.

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Why the heck is all of this so important? Because in the days of people bringing wedding gifts... to the actual wedding (gasp!), if someone was unable to attend, they would send their gift to this address. Couples are increasingly changing this up with registries sending straight to their homes (we had almost all of our gifts before the big day) or opting for things like money towards their honeymoon... these "rules" are mostly just an indication of your wedding day. Traditional to modern, formal to casual, the choice is up to you.

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I hope these come in handy for brides and grooms looking for guidance!

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