Bedroom Update with Easy Care/True Value

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Your bedroom is supposed to be a place that relaxes you, let’s you unwind, inspires you, and brings you peace after (or before) a long day of work. Let me tell you, our master bedroom brought me none of those feelings. It was a place for sleeping that should’ve only been entered with your eyes closed. 

It wasn’t that anything was horribly wrong with the room, it was just that with everything else we had going on, we neglected the space. I envied all of the Pinterest and Insta-worthy images of other people’s rooms I saw. Our furniture didn’t match and was outdated, I let loads of clothes pile up, and I didn't even know what was at the bottoms of the stacks on our dresser.

With the rest of our home under renovation, I figured why not add another project?! So, we partnered with EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint from True Value. It seemed like the right place to start. Painting always gives rooms the biggest facelift with minimal effort. So I knew that even if I just painted one wall, it would spark inspiration to get the rest of the room under control.



I started the process as I do anything else; I built a mood board that gathered colors, textures, and accessories. We’ve been on a white kick in the rest of the house, so I thought this would be a fun place to incorporate a moody accent wall, but still brighten up the rest of the room.

We tested out almost 10 colors of green and finally landed on 4 to try up on the wall. Once I had the swatches up on the wall, we let them sit for a week or so to make sure we were deciding on the right one. I 100% recommend doing this… it does take more time but you end up feeling sure with your decision instead of second guessing yourself.

The final colors we decided on were EasyCare Paint Bingham (green) and EasyCare Paint Golf Ball (white). Both had a bit of a blue tint which ended up going well with the bright whites we contrasted them with in our decor.

We were thrilled to find out that EasyCare Paint is actually Asthma and allergy friendly, certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It minimizes irritants and pollutants in the air, meaning we can sleep easy knowing that we’re in a healthy indoor environment.

Painting tips:

  • Start by painting the wall with a roller, leaving the edges until the end to finish with a brush

  • Always plan on two coats ESPECIALLY if you are painting white over a darker color

  • Remove all of your wall plates before you start so that you can get paint underneath rather than trying to paint right up to the edge

  • If you are painting an accent wall, make sure your colors complement each other. Shades will always have a blue/yellow tint or red/green. Test them out to see if they are the same tone and make sure they don’t clash.

  • Want to do a dark wall like we did? Pick a spot with plenty of natural light. Dark colors can quickly make a space feel small without it.

  • Not sure how much to buy? Our green wall took ¼ - ½ of a gallon. The rest of the walls in white took almost the full gallon. We used the EasyCare Paint Calculator to help us plan.

Bedroom Update with Easy Care Ultra Premium - A Fabulous Fete.jpg

Bedroom Update with Easy Care - A Fabulous Fete.jpg
Bedroom Update - A Fabulous Fete.jpg

I had already started doing a bit of updating in the room once I knew that we were going to paint. My husband and I had never actually purchased a new bed frame or nightstands since we’d been together (over 12 years!). So those were the first things to be replaced. It made such a huge difference and worked SO well with the paint color! Since we were going with the dark accent wall, we decided to keep any other furniture and accessories on the light side. We replaced our ceiling fan with one that was more modern, added some updated accessories, and finished off the space with a huge dried palm frond rather than the expected piece of art (full recap coming soon on accessories + furniture!)

Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete
Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete
Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete
Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete
Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete
Bedroom Update | A Fabulous Fete

We’ve been renovating the downstairs half of our house for almost a year, with at least another year to go. So to be able to give the upstairs a quick and simple update with a coat of paint + some new furniture was just the inspiration we needed to keep going. Luckily, EasyCare Paint is low-VOC with virtually no odor after you paint – meaning you can enjoy the space as soon as it dries without the traditional paint scent lingering for days.

It can get hard to work on things for so long and not be able to see a finished project. We’re so happy with the quality and end result of EasyCare Paint and plan to use it in our guest room as well!

If you are working on your own home update you can stop by the EasyCare site and browse their color selections online (this is how I picked mine out!). Get an idea of what shade you are going for, and pick up your samples at True Value to paint your test swatches.

Easy Care TrueValue Bedroom Update - A Fabulous Fete.jpg

Shop the post:

Easy Care TrueValue Paint in Bingham (green) and Golf Ball (white)
Bed Frame from Living Spaces
Night Stands from Anthropologie
Lamps from West Elm
Dresser from Ikea
White Shelving Unit from Ikea

Stay tuned for a separate post with all of the little details in our updated space!

Bedroom Update with Easy Care Paint from TrueValue - A Fabulous Fete.jpg

What are your thoughts on the moody accent wall? What color would you choose to put in your home?

Post in partnership with EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint from True Value

Images by Kimi Domino