How to Get Started in Watercolor Brush Lettering


After a lot of procrastination, sweaty palms, and nights laying awake in bed going over all of the things that could go wrong, I finally sucked it up and got in front of the camera to re-launch my YouTube channel! I actually wouldn’t have considered it an active channel of mine in the past. There were a few crappy iPhone videos of me lettering quotes. So really I just cleaned it up so we could bring you new monthly videos in all of your favorite categories!

Sharing what I do on instagram has opened my eyes to what people REALLY want to see. With almost every post, I get at least a few comments or DMs asking me how something is done. So that is exactly what I will be dedicating our YouTube content to; solving problems for you guys, giving you a behind the scenes look, and sharing my knowledge in quick tutorials.

One of the first videos to help us debut our little refresh is obviously hand lettering based! I wanted to create a resource for those of you just starting out on your hand lettering journey. In the video I go over materials I use and why, I share a peek at our practice strokes + guide, and finally I make a few projects that you can also try your hand at once you’ve had a bit of practice. This one is specifically for beginners, but I would love to hear everyones thoughts and what you guys want to see in the coming months! Also, don’t forget I do give lettering workshops each month at our office in Orange County. So if you feel like learning in person and having a more in depth class, check out the schedule. Feel free to leave your feedback here or comment directly on the video. Also make sure to subscribe so you never miss the release of a new tutorial!


tools I recommend to get started

Brush Lettering Downloadable Practice Sheets | A Fabulous Fete


Download the sheets mentioned in the video here.