Hand Lettered Desktop Download | 009

I've been pulling a lot of inspiration and ideas for new wedding designs that I want to launch in my shop. It's had me thinking about how I can go above and beyond, be better than I was the last round, and do things that are different than what everyone else is doing. I (we, i think we all witness it daily) see so many copy cats out there that I can't help but ask myself why that seems ok. Why aren't we all pushing ourselves to JUST get inspired, and then go beyond that to create something that is different... better... and unique to you. I think because it's A LOT of work. So my goal for the new month is to push myself to take the extra time to put cool shit out there that is better than what i've done in the past. I hope this inspires lots of you to do the same!

Hand lettered desktop download by A Fabulous Fete

I also made a version for your phone this month too, woo!