Hand Lettered Desktop Download | 008

Something fun is happening here at AFF. I'm working on a, long overdue, brand refresh. Updated logo, color palette, packaging and a little tidying up here on the site. It really forced me to weed out all of the things I thought I liked, I thought would attract my ideal customer, or that I thought other people liked. I started to focus on what was me and that's it. Because, in the end, you want to create work your passionate about, and the only way to do that is attract clients that align with your vision. We'll dive more into that later as I'll be recapping my whole re-brand experience here on the blog... but for now, I love this quote I found on good old pinterest. It's the perfect representation of my thought process for lots of things lately.

So I made this desktop download for me (haha, get it?), but also for you if you need some motivation to do the same! Click on the button below to download.

Free Desktop Download | A Fabulous Fete