Learn How to Letter On Everything But Paper

modern calligraphy summit | a fabulous fete

I'm a little late to the game (thanks vacation) but excited to finally announce that I will be a part of Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0! If you haven't heard, it's a 2 and a half week online class where you will learn from 7 different instructors on topics from digitizing to how I work on non-traditional materials. Lessons start on February 20th of next year, BUT, there is early bird pricing RIGHT NOW! And only for 3 more days! You can enroll now for $249 here and be ahead of the game;) So, what exactly will I be covering? All of those crazy things you see on instagram (wood, leaves, cement, shells, etc)... but here are a few more details.

  • My favorite materials including paints, brushes and pens for a variety of surfaces
  • How each is prepped and protected
  • Tricks for fixing mistakes and removing paint on larger pieces
  • Resources for finding all of your materials
  • Methods for working on tricky, uneven surfaces
  • How to lay out larger projects
  • And a whole lot of footage of lettering in progress for you to see how each tool works differently on your unique surfaces

Not ready to take on these materials yet? You can also still sign up for MCS 1.0, sign up now, and get some practice in before 2.0 arrives! Click here to read more and sign up.

I've built up quite a collection, and I only photograph a small percentage of projects that go out in the mail to clients. Here are a few of my faves and surfaces we'll be covering in the lesson!

Early bird pricing is good until Tuesday, August 30th, don't miss out!