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Photo Credit @msd.photography

Photo Credit @msd.photography


In honor of valentines day, this week's learn to letter word is all about luuuuv. It's one of our favorite emoji's and what you look like when you see your favorite flowers... french fries... that ocean view... or a crisp glass of champagne on friday afternoon;) Heart eyes!

There are a few different ways you can use this to practice a little hand lettering.

- print out a copy of the image and trace until you are comfortable

- save the image to your iPad and use the apple pencil to trace

- or simply keep it up on your screen and follow the arrows until you've got it down

Once you've followed the arrows and have filled a few practice sheets, you can try it in watercolor to make yourself a few valentines or a print for your desk this week!


Lettering Guide // Heart Eyes | A Fabulous Fete


And if you have suggestions for our next learn to letter post, leave your word or phrase in the comments!

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