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Custom wood calligraphy sign for wedding reception | A Fabulous Fete

A few months ago I worked with my client, Meghan, from the beginning of designing her wedding suite through to the day of items (which you can see here). We created pieces keeping in the color scheme of deep burgundy, greens and gold. They also requested this oversized wood sign with a short quote. I love when couples create items like this that serve as decor on their wedding day as well as decor in their home long after that day is over. It's a pretty little reminder that you can keep out all year round.

We had a simple piece of wood from the hardware store cut to size. After I stained it, I lettered in their quote with a white paint pen (this brand is my fave). I joked about keeping it if it didn't have their names on it... but really, I was completely serious. I said I would make myself a smaller version with a quote/phrase of our own. But you know how personal projects go;) So I wanted to share a few pictures of the finished piece! If you are looking for something similar, you can email us here to get a quote.

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