My Top 3 Spring Nail Colors To Try

3 of our fave spring colors for every mood | A Fabulous Fete

I wish I could go a day without having my nails painted. It would make my life a little easier... not worrying about when I can fit in a manicure, or at the very least a new coat done at home. But with blog posts and instagram being part of the daily routine, it's sort of an obligation to have decent looking polish;) I'm a sucker for black, but when spring rolls around, I try to rotate in some of brighter shades in between. Here are 3 of my current favorites!

3 Spring Nail Colors To Try | A Fabulous Fete

I love the look of white, but never do it because of a few reasons... one, if I do it myself it looks like a 3 year old did it with white out. Two, as soon as there is a tiny chip, it looks bad and is totally obvious. And three, it gets so dirty! Especially with the ink and paint I handle every day, everything shows. So I found this one that is a super soft white. I can do it at home and it always looks great!

Red can come off a little too classic for me, but I love the look in the right shade. So I tend to reach for deeper shades that are closer to a burgundy than a bright red. This one from Revlon (hello amazing grocery store buy!) is one of my most recent purchases, it's still a tiny bit brighter than I'd like, but one of my favorites while I continue my search for the perfect deep red;)

Taupe is basically a lighter trade for my typical black. It's neutral, simple and goes with everything. Mine is older but this one is almost exactly the same shade.

And you guys, you HAVE to get this top coat if you do your manicures at home. It has changed my life (well, at least when it comes to nails;). It's kept my color on from 1-2 weeks, with no chips and stays super shiny. A complicated task when you have your hands in ink, paint, stain, craft supplies... you name it, every single day.

Get this must have top coat for long lasting manicures | A Fabulous Fete

What are you favorite colors for warmer weather?

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