painted bobby pins // diy

by now i'm enjoying a jamaican cocktail and relaxing on the beach. sorry. but i started thinking about this day long before it came. and one of my thoughts was… wow, i really hate when i'm on vacation, come out of the salt water, and my sticky hair is all over my face while i'm trying to enjoy some rum. rough life, right? well, here's a solution, made pretty.

grab those bobby pins we all have scattered around the house and break out the paint. first i used a white primer (since my pins were dark), and once that dried a sprayed a quick coat of neon yellow, peach and olive green. these will be stashed in my beach bag to pull back my hair while adding a little flair. and if you are a go-getter, color coordinate to your bathing suits. how cute would that be?

pretty sure this is going to be my go to color palette for everything this season. i'm in love!