The September Edit | '16

I used to live in denial that California didn't really have seasons. I'd buy all the boots and all the coats and wear them a total of 3 times and usually in the most inappropriate weather. I think I'm finally learning to accept that sandals are always acceptable, you probably shouldn't own more than 4 sweaters, and that my best bet for fall vibes in CA is to light a pumpkin candle.

So, to celebrate the arrival of (so-cal) Fall, here are my picks for September. I'm sticking with lightweight sweaters, switching out cut offs for denim with a little more length, and changing it up to a slightly darker color palette... slightly. We also usually take a few trips to the desert as well as our annual Hawaii trip, so I tucked in a couple of items I wouldn't mind grabbing for those getaways.

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Items not linked above | palm tree image. socks. pink notebook. rose print