DIY: Mint Ice Cubes || Perfect for Summer Cocktails

Mint Ice Cubes - Summer Cocktails - A Fabulous Fete

We are coming up on almost a year since we built the garden off the side of our dining room. While I haven’t been able to keep everything alive, almost all of the herbs survived! Mint has definitely been the easiest, but I've been finding it the hardest to find new uses for. I guess I was never really a huge mint fan in the past… Occasionally I would use it as a cocktail garnish or toss it in a Mediterranean salad - otherwise, I didn’t get too creative with it. So before summer is over, I wanted to try to put it to use for entertaining as a mini challenge to get more use out of this garden I've put so much work into!

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The great part about making ice cubes is that it will preserve the mint, so I don’t have to worry about it going to waste. Plus, they will be ready to pop into any cocktail, a glass of sparkling water, or even freshen up my rosé whenever I am ready.
I kept my cubes simple with only mint. You can get more creative and pop in some fruit, fresh flowers, or other herbs + garnish from your garden. We used a mix of large and small trays to make sure we had an ice cube for each drink type.

Here are some ideas for using your minty ice cubes!

  • Pop them into your Moscow Mule to give it a little extra minty goodness

  • Use in lemonade or iced tea for a fresh new taste

  • Mix up your go-to margarita recipe

  • Add some extra minty-ness to your mojito

  • Mix into a pitcher of sangria for an unexpected pop of color

  • Use the mint ice cubes in a cooler of your drink of choice for a fun twist on boring ice

Mint Ice Cubes - A Fabulous Fete.jpg


Summer Cocktails with Mint Ice Cubes - A Fabulous Fete.jpg

This is such an easy way to elevate any gathering you might have planned.

What do you guys like to do with leftover herbs?

Images by Kimi Domino