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Small Biz Interview with Luna Reece Ceramics - A Fabulous Fete
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I love being able to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur. After 10 years of running, growing, and learning from A Fabulous Fete, I feel like I have some *hopefully* useful advice for anyone wanting to start a business. The truth is when starting or running a business, you need all the advice you can get. It’s not easy! I thought the blog was the perfect platform to share what other entrepreneurs have going on and give you guys the inside scoop on their advice and small business tips

For our first interview of this little blog post series, I reached out to Andrea of Luna Reece Ceramics.

After graduating with her BFA in Ceramics, and spending a little time working for a music label, Andrea took the leap and pursued creating ceramics full time over 15 years ago! She creates every piece with functionality in mind, with the intent of making each piece usable, modern and fresh.

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What does a typical day look like for you?

My days vary, but usually it looks like this:

Wake up, drink my chai tea, and make my to do list. I am a huge list person!! I need to see things written out. I walk out to my studio and prepare to work. I split my time between four areas, hand building, and slip casting, throwing on the wheel, and glazing. I work about an hour or two in each area or longer, and glazing I devote a whole day to just that. Throw in shipping orders, answering emails, kids, husband, life. Things change or time frames change, which is one of the main reasons I love what I do, I can change my day accordingly. 

What was the biggest factor that made you decide to pursue entrepreneurship?

I was raising my sons, but wanted to continue pursuing my art. I wanted the freedom to be there for my children and work on my art when I could. So flexibility was a huge factor that I knew I would have by being my own boss. So, major bonus and reason is flexibility. Although, it’s been one of the harder jobs I have had it’s been the most fulfilling!

Biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge for me is creating space and time to be creative, to make and play with clay with no agenda. And to not get lost in the production side of things.

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Favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

Freedom!! Being able to build something to pass on to my kids, or grandchildren.

Top productivity hack?

Giving myself grace and knowing I do not have to do it all. Also, taking the leap and hiring my first helper/assistant has been such a blessing!

Any tips for people who are also small business owners?

Find your tribe!! It’s truly important to surround yourself with other creative/entrepreneurs who get it, who can relate to your struggles and whole-heartedly cheer you on in your pursuit!
Who hold you accountable and are there for you if you just need to vent!!

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Now that you have a little insight from Andrea on running a small, creative business — go stalk her Instagram and check out her cute little pots!

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Do you know anyone we should interview that you’d like to hear small business tips from?!

Images from Luna Reece.