3 Simple Ways to Wrap Your Gifts This Year

How I am wrapping my gifts this year | A Fabulous Fete

I've mentioned it several times... I'm not a huge fan of wrapping any sort of package. I like to wing it (I hate measuring) so knowing how and where to cut paper, folding things so they don't bunch, or having to go back and trim off excess wrapping is not my thing. Usually I try and make the top of things look flat (when it comes to presents) and tape the shit out of the bottom to keep it shut. SO, to make up for that, I've started to add pretty things to the tops of my packages over the years. I hope that it distracts the recipients and makes them not care about the rest of my poor wrapping skills. 

I literally had an excess of like 50 clear ornaments from a project I did, so I've been finding any way I can to use them (I even tried to GIVE them away to friends one night, no takers). We listed custom ornaments here in the shop which has steadily sent many of the ornaments out into the world, but I needed a few other reasons to use them. They turned out making fabulous little gift toppers when filled with festive accoutrements (stuff;) and I wanted to show you what I used and ended up loving on our simple little packages!

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To open the ornaments, there's a thin wire at the top that expands. Squeeze the 2 sides together and pop off the silver top. Tuck in anything small enough, or soft, and you have yourself a festive gift topper! 

We used:

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They're quick, easy and fun and don't require much skill... just a little creativity with your filler choices! Shop items above or just check out your local craft store for the same types of items.

Images by Sunny Kim